Bankruptcy - Should You File Or Not?
By Reethi Rai

In any sphere of life the first step to overcoming a problem is recognizing it. If financial worries keep you awake at night its time you recognized what the problem is. Addressing your debt problem is the least you can do to save yourself from a debt trap. But if you find yourself with no option except bankruptcy it is advisable to consult a financial advisor to discuss your options.

Do you need to speak with a Bankruptcy Attorney?

1) You have maxed out the credit limit on our credit cards

2) You are unaware of the amount you owe to your various creditors

3) Your monthly income is hardly ever enough for your expenses

4) You have recently been turned down for credit or loan

5) You have been skipping payments of some bills in order to pay other bills you feel are more important

6) You dread opening your mailbox or answering your phone fearing creditor harassment

7) You panic when you encounter unexpected expenses which could be personal or business

8) You're afraid you have to declare yourself bankrupt

Did you answer YES to more than 5 of the above questions? If you did its time to get in touch with a bankruptcy attorney who will help determine if bankruptcy is right for you. You might not be well versed with your options on debt
solutions, bankruptcy alternatives to deal with your rising debts and you could end up end up making wrong choices based on your convenience for the moment without considering the long term effects of your choice.

Bankruptcy Myths

Most people develop their own opinion on bankruptcy based on what they read or hear from others. But Bankruptcy is not nearly as frightening as it is made out to be and would be a practical option for you if only you consulted advisors to empower yourself with bankruptcy information. Listed below are few myths attached to bankruptcy:

oYou will lose everything you own

oYou must be flat broke to file for bankruptcy

oYou will never get credit again

oTaxes cannot be discharged in bankruptcy

oWhen you file for bankruptcy you cannot include certain creditors

oEveryone will know you have filed for bankruptcy

Ahead of the Enterprise Act 2002 UK Bankruptcy will last no longer than 12 months, in some cases lesser. The official receiver needs to file a Certificate in Court stating that the investigations are complete. This move, it is expected will increase the number of Bankruptcy cases. The number of websites offering help and information on bankruptcy and various bankruptcy laws has been growing steadily. Debtors need to exercise caution while choosing services of online lenders.